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Our Mission

We assist you in adapting to changes, in making the right choices in specialized software, and in successfully implementing these solutions.

Nos Clients

Our clients :

  • Law firms
  • legal departments
  • Accounting firms
  • Investment banks
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Our approach :

Observe, understand, propose, commit, support.

We believe that the most important thing is not only to necessarily propose the most original measure or solution but also to execute our task well by using our wealth of experience—especially in the legal sector—while combining IT solutions and specialized services.

Ce qui nous guide

Our guiding principle :

What is the project’s return on investment for our client ?

At Altis Consulting, we limit our scope of services deliberately to certain specialist areas because, as a small company, we are conscious of the fact that sound and quality advice in the areas we know best are key to client satisfaction.

We take a pragmatic and targeted approach. Instead of just recycling PowerPoint presentations from one project to the next, we propose a tailor-made, fully-reasoned solution for every scenario. The proposed solution is based on these elements: (i) our observations of the actual circumstances; (ii) our assessment of them; and (iii) our experience in performing specialized services in general—especially for the legal sector.

Pourquoi choisir Altis Consulting?

Why choose Altis Consulting ?

Because we have 15 years of experience in providing services for the legal sector and in implementing specialized solutions for many types of organizations throughout Europe,

Because we are completely independent from software vendors and system integrators.

Our Expertise

Altis Consulting will support you in choosing and implementing all solutions that make up the pillars of your IT service activities.
Regardless of major infrastructure changes in terms of outsourcing, cloud platforms and mobility, the following areas of application remain fundamental to any firm :

Practise Management

Practice Management (or Time & Billing)

Refining pricing models, having better profitability evaluation of a matter or matter type, facilitating cash management, improving risk assessment concerning non-payment,... and, more fundamentally, simplifying and standardizing time recording, shortening the invoicing process.

These are all reasons to have the firm’s processes and practice management tools re-examined.

Gestion documentaire (GED ou DMS)

Document Management System (DMS)

Centralizing electronic documents, filing documents and emails, assembling documents, conducting advanced research, archiving. Document management remains an area that has lots of room for improvement in terms of productivity. It has essentially two aspects: centralization of filing activities and a high level of integration into the workstations.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Need to reinforce your business development strategy? Is launching a seminar taking too long? Struggling to leverage the connections and background of your firm with a certain company or organization?
CRM is the effective solution to developing your firm’s activities professionally.

La gestion des connaissances (KM)

Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge management is more complex than a having a simple search engine, and it is less rigid than a having stacked knowledge system (which often consists of nothing more than just the information itself). KM aims to integrate processes, individuals, and tools in a way that adds value and relevance to daily work and activities.

In more general terms

In addition to these major components, an IT system also brings together satellite features that are more or less interfaced, for example, digital dictation and voice recognition, centralized document template management, “scan to matter”, archiving of documents and emails, assisted production of replies to requests for proposal, …

There are also strategic tools that are often put in place for support services. These include HR solutions, systems for managing clocking in/out and for gathering business intelligence.

Our Projects

Altis Consulting offers a range of services for a variety of projects: from short, tactical, and immediately effective projects to strategic studies for a masterplan.

Generally, our aim is to provide practical answers and solutions to any issue that falls clearly within our areas of specialism.

The main types of projects we handle are :


Understanding the philosophy and vision of a company/organisation, identifying the stakes in terms of IT, and determining the architectural, functional, and contractual points of focus.

Application audit

What is the relationship between the service delivered by an application and the actual service expected by its users? What is the application’s position with regard to the standards of the trade/profession? What are the one-off or recurring cost implications? What effort does it require in terms of support? These are the key questions we ask to help us redesign, develop, or re-analyze an existing application.

Types de missions

Assistance in selecting a software solution

Helping you to choose which software solution is appropriate is a typical type of project for us. We base our recommendation on three elements: our understanding of the context, the needs expressed by the client, and a sound knowledge of the market and its players (independent software vendors and system integrators).

Process overhaul

The implementation of structural solutions such as an ERP is not possible without a minimum amount of upstream work on the main processes underlying the activity in question, i.e., adding a new client/matter, time recording, billing, management of fees/purchasing, …
In general, these processes are more or less imposed by the tool that is being replaced. It is therefore vital to re-examine them on the basis of the new tool that has been presented.

Project Management Support (PM)

Medium-sized organizations do not always have the staff or expertise to follow a project through all of its stages and to commit to its successful completion. Using a PM support consultant is an option under these circumstances.

Our PM expertise, familiarity with certain tools, being used to working with independent software vendors and system integrators, and our vast experience in similar projects are all assets that can save you considerable amounts of time and help you avoid pitfalls.

Our Clients

The majority of our clients are law firms, but we also assist the legal departments of large corporations and several companies (large and small) in the service industry.

For example:


Off-Site CIJ 2015

The château du Tremblay hosted the 2015 edition of the CIJ event. The place, the organization and the audience were, as usual, a nice mix of professionalism and relaxing.

Numerous, exciting and often complementary topics have been covered, opening-up interesting perspectives :

  • Aligning IT with the firm strategy
  • What type of cloud should you choose ?
  • CIO 2.0 Feedback after 1 year
  • IT as a business development aid
  • The end of the age of copper
  • The techniques of pirates and how to protect from them ?
  • Insurance of cyber-risks

Off-Site CIJ 2014

The fourth edition of the CIJ offsite took place at Château des Menuls from 8 to 10 October.

Altis consulting, sponsor and participant of this event, this year again, offers a small summary of the main topics discussed during this seminar day:

  • The state of the art Reprography
  • Is the cloud for everyone?
  • Haute couture and ready to wear where is the limit in business application customisation?
  • Transformation projects and new role of the CIO
  • IT security Are we safer in or out of our offices?

Off-Site CIJ 2013

For its third edition, the CIJ seminar was held in the beautiful setting of Château de Behoust with the theme "The IT levers of an agile firm."

Altis consulting, sponsor and participant of this event offers a summary of the main topics discussed.

I have taken the liberty to group them into four themes and add the views of Altis consulting:

  • The landscape changes: Explosion of data volumes, mobility, challenging of filing principles What is the right attitude?
  • Infrastructures are beginning to adapt: outsourcing, cloud, VDI How far is it reasonable to go?
  • Users dictate new practices (collaboration, mobility, BYOD ...) Should we listen to them?
  • The primary concern of CIOs remains security Is it justified?


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